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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soon, my dear followers :)

Soon I will be starting my new job. The class starts on or around Feb. 28th.. I'm excited!!! Since November, Ive been volunteering and training at a chiropractor here in town. I worked the office and decorated his new office when he moved. I am making this my last week there and next week I will take the time for myself before the new job. I need to get my closet organized! Well... as well as I possibly can.

Some of you know that back during the summer there was an "incident". The roof leaking, combined with A/C and Water pipes in mall hall closets that my landlord failed to tell me about caused me to lose two closets full of clothing, bedding, and my suitcase to mold. My landlord didnt fix my leak for two months after I told him about it. Also, the closets are still full of mold, which he has yet to even attempt to fix. most of my coats were in there, my wool peacoat, wool houdstooth coat, and my collection of about 25 jackets. All in all I probably lost about $3000 worth of stuff to the mold.

Anyhoo, now I have but one closet to use.. a SMALL closet.. I live in an older house and the closets were smaller then. with the proceeds of a summer yard sale, I bought an antique wardrobe so it's like a small closet too. But that's all I have. That's not NEAR enough space.. So the organizing is going to be...uh.. interesting to say the least.

I'm hoping to get it all organized, get jewelry projects finished, AND get pics on my blog :) let's all cross our fingers shall we? :)


  1. A new job is always a new start and very exciting! Well good luck to you. Yes I think a well-organized wardrobe is what you need to kickstart a great beginning again and you should show us the closet after you are done with the organizing!

  2. I'm afraid that even after the organizing, my closet is way too packed. I put my casual clothing in my antique wardrobe and my work clothing, dresses, and coats/jackets in the bigger closet. It's a start anyway!