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Friday, February 25, 2011

Shapestylist at igigi.com (and I got a deal today!)

I have been over to http://www.igigi.com MANY MANY times. I've longed and pined over their beautiful clothing but never really been able to buy anything. I'm a bargain shopper and, even though I'm told they have great quality, I havent been able to make myself pay a bit more for their items. Wellll, I was over at Fatshion Chic Blog tonight and I found that igigi has a ShapeStylist calculator on their site! You answer questions about your body and it determines your shape and what kind of fashions your shape should wear.

For years I have always thought that I was an inverted triangle shape because I am so much bigger up top than on the bottom. I was wrong! Because I have no defined waistline combined with my top-heaviness, I am a Diamond shape!! Isn't this just the coolest thing? You can go on over to igigi.com and check out the ShapeStylist for yourself here: ShapeStyler Calculator at igigi by Yuliya Raquel

Here's what it had to say about the DIAMOND shape!

What to Wear:
•Cowl, scoop, v-neck, and styles exposing the neck
•Sleeves 3/4, 5/8 and bracelet-length
•Details designed to draw the attention to your shoulders and face – earrings, necklaces etc
•Monochromatic looks. Un-tucked tops. Flat-front pants
•Princess seams, dropped waist, blouson styled tops
•'Peak' empire waist. High slits. Straight, tiered, tulip and trumpet skirts

What not to Wear:
•Turtlenecks or styles that cover-up neckline
•Designs with horizontal stripes, heavy pleating, ruffles, or extra details at the midsection
•Super-clingy and very fitted styles. Full-length sleeves
•Pants with front pleats. Wide leg and baggy styles

About the Diamond shape:
You have a fabulous frame! Your face, neck, and bust are proportionate to each other and your balanced thighs, shapely legs, and amazing arms accent your voluptuous assets. The greatest concern you have is your midsection and the challenges you face are extra weight around the mid-section area, which sometimes include the "love handles". Often, this means you don't have a defined waistline. Another challenge is finding a balance between your broad hips and generous thighs while enhancing the flatness of your bottom and elongating your slender lower legs.
And with all the amazing styles available to complement your figure, you'll be happy to be called the diamond of all shapes!

Go on over to igigi and check out their stuff and their calculator!

Anyhoo, today I went to the Lane Bryant Outlet here in town. I was just looking for a bargain, hoping to find some tops to go with my brown pants. They had an extra 50% off their clearance. I didnt find any brown tops but I DID find something curious.. I found a Turquoise Loop 18 (Junior Plus) cropped cardigan for $9.99. With the 50% off it was only $5.00! It was really nice. Looking at the Loop 18 things online they look, well, a bit cheap In My Opinion. But this cardi in person didnt look cheap and was very roomy for a Junior item. The sales lady said that they got it in from another store, they didnt have anymore in stock. It was a size 25/27 and, as I said, is very roomy indeed. I think $5.00 for a bit of color in my wardrobe is well worth it!

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