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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kathy Ireland by Murval City Chic Quilted Faux Leather Evening Bag.. a Review

I was contacted by CSN stores to do a review.. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. I chose the Kathy Ireland by Murval City Chic Quilted Evening Bag in black from http://www.csnstores.com . CSN was a pleasure to shop at. The order was sent quickly and I received it just as quickly. I like that. I am an instant gratification kind of person, and this store definitely delivered for me.

Here's my Review:


The bag is just about perfect.. It's pretty to look at and very soft. It feels like lambskin leather even though it is faux. It's a decent size for an evening bag also, large enough for essentials and small enough not to be in the way.. It looks very well-made and is a great price!


My one gripe is that the straps, being chain, are very heavy. I think this is because it's a double chain, not just a single one. I think that if it were a single chain it would have been perfect.. :)

CSN has many different types of stores. It's a one-stop-shop kind of place with a lot to choose from. I would recommend it highly, especially given the decent prices and super fast shipping!

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