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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lost in a tide of Mayhem and Foolishness..

I havent disappeared. Ive been lost in a tide of mayhem and foolishness..

Mayhem: Multiple job interviews, volunteering at a chiropractor, decorating said chiropractor's new office, applying for more jobs, and NOW I think I'm getting the flu.

Foolishness: My arm has popped out of place off and on since Last week (lucky I volunteer at a chiropractor and he pops me for free, but if you've never had your shoulder and clavicle popped back in its soooooooooo painful. And since ive had to have it put back multiple times, it's soooooooo sore), my hip popped out last week (again with the lucky), and I'm missing two orders from Evans with no replies to my emails.

Some of you know, I've been Unemployed since June. Before that I was with the same company, Mohawk, for 10.5 years. I tried to get into another department but they didnt take me, so I was laid off. WELL, last week I got a call from them wanting me to come and interview for that department again. I interviewed today and I have to take an assessment on Friday. I hope I get it. I've not always had good experiences with the company but they pay GREAT.. And I need to feed my shopping habit. So keep your fingers crossed.

I also interviewed for another position with a different company last week. I havent heard anything yet but I am still hopeful. I don't like not working-Not just because of the money issues but because of the boredom.. I need to get a job fast.

Anyway, has anyone else ever had trouble with Evans UK? I used some of my Christmas money and bought several things from them. They were sent on Dec31st and Jan 1st... But I have not received them. I have emailed their customer service 3 times with no responses.. I know it takes a long time to get packages internationally but I didnt think it would take this long. Also, when I go to my tracking numbers it says they are both not found.. Any ideas?

Anyway, I found my camera cord AND my other camera so hopefully after all the mayhem and foolishness is done I can start posting outfits :) YAY..

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