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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I got a call about a job!!!

Woohoo, I finally got a positive call about a job! I interviewed for this job almost two weeks ago. It's a Medical Unit Clerk in a mental health facility. Anyway, the lady handling the account called today and said that the job is on hold for a few weeks (for some hours and duties changing) BUT that he wants to bring me in for it once that is done :) YAY YAY YAY! I am so excited.

I DO have another interview tomorrow with the company that I worked for 10.5 years (it's my 3rd interview), but I never know how they will go. They are unpredictable. But they pay awesome! If I got hired for that one too I'd have a hard decision.. Take the lesser paying job at a new company OR the higher paying job at a company that I know can be.. difficult, for lack of a better word.

Either way, after the HORRIBLE few days I've had in my personal life, this is good news either way!

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  1. aawww, im so happy for u pam! sending you good thoughts! go get em babe!