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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Opinions: Do you wear your boots and tights in summer?

Since I am starting my very first actual job where I get to dress up, I was wondering what your opinions are on wearing boots (ankle boots/booties) and tights in the summer.. I am really getting into dresses right now, and Id LIKE to wear my booties but I don't want to look.. well... like a dork.. lol.

Also, I don't feel "right" without tights or hosiery under my dresses. Do you ladies still wear them in summer? My legs are sooooooooooooooooooooooo white! And I also have a tattoo that I'd like to lessen the appearance of.. But again, I don't want to look silly or die from a heat stroke. Are there certain types of hosiery that are better for summer months?

AND a question.. maybe another silly one. What in the world do you wear under dresses these days? Back in the day when I went to church every Sunday we wore those frumpy slips. Now bear in mind, I still down one.. But I'd rather be chic not frumpy.

I will love you ladies forever if you could give me advice! :)


  1. hey honey pie! Love love love your blog! As far as boots and tights in summer, sometimes I wear booties on summer nights without any hosiery. I love that look. I feel what you're saying about white legs tho! Believe it or not, I've got em too! Go for sheer hosiery and perhaps peeptoe booties. That'll be a little cooler in the summer instead of tights and full booties.

  2. -personally, i tend to wear dark tights during fall through spring. then hose in the summer if i really have to. for the summer, black or tanned opaque hosiery are a great option or even fishnet tights like these would be fun, the lighter the color, the better:



    but im sure ure legs are fine! ure prolly just not use to it is all. ;-) but i understand cuz we ourselves are our toughest critique. during summer months, i also wear my spanx power panties:


    it gives me the feeling that im still wearing tights for some reason, and keeps all my extra goods in, lol.

    -booties are great for summer as well. i prefer ankle booties and peep toe booties are still perfect for the summer, in my opinion.

    -regarding slips - i still wear em! lol! for special occasions, i would wear shaping slips. i actually got this one for v-day:


    theres also really cute chemises out now in walmart and target. heres another cute one from torrid:


    but on the realz though pam, again, i still wear my 5 buck slip that i got from walmart. ross also has great ones.

    hope this helps! ;-)

  3. You ladies are so awesome to give me advice :) I really appreciate it. As soon as I get that paycheck going I am going to invest in some sheer tights and undergarments that are cute too :)

  4. Like you, I am planning to wear boots all summer. I will either wear lighter colored opaque tights, or leggings or none. I prefer knee-high boots and I will use self-tanner (Clarins cocoa creme) on my knees, the only skin that will show with the knee high boots : ) I wear a slip with my thinner skirts to keep them from sticking to the leggings. Only when necessary, not every day. You ask a great question and I will be curious what you decide to rock.