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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Torrid's Basic Black Leggings: A Review

Last weekend was my birthday :) And because of that I got an awesome $10 off (of a $10 purchase) coupon from Torrid. My friends Kay, Autumn, and I were going to Torrid on Monday.. well, we were going to the mall, I was going to Torrid lol.. Anyhoo, I forgot my coupon. Nice huh? The good thing was that the lovely sales lady let me pull up the email on my phone and show her the code :) Happy face reinstated!

They had 50% off on clearance but, well, they had bunkus really. Not in my size anyway. I'm a firm size 4 at Torrid.. or a 26.. I searched the store for something I wanted, and it seemed that everything I wanted was not in my size.. I finally found a pair of basic black leggings. I had wanted a pair, but I was unsure about how they would look on me..

I ended up getting these basic black Torrid leggings and I LOVE them.. Seriously.. I HEART them!!!! With my coupon I scored them for $10 and they were worth every penny! They are so soft and comfortable and, even though I thought they might make me look un-even, they looked great! I am very top heavy.. Not just through the chest but the shoulders and "love handles" area too.. I have very little butt and hips.. But I still looked good in the leggings. I would LOVE to have a pair of these with ruched ankles :)

They were knit leggings, but the knit was not so thin that I got cold. It was in the 40's here and I stayed warm. The only Con I found in these leggings were that the ankles were a bit big on me, BUT I have smaller ankles. Otherwise, I loved them and I would highly recommend them to anyone who will listen :)


  1. dont u just love clearance sales from torrid? i go broke everytime they have it! im so glad u like the tights hun ... i bet they look great on u! such a must-have pair. and thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. i really appreciate it!

  2. I bought my black leggings at Lane Bryant and the ankles were far too large, as well. It's kind of frustrating, but since I normally wear them tucked into boots it's not a huge deal!
    Glad you had a nice birthday! (This is a very belated birthday wish!)