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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tip of the Week: Do You Own Facial Waxing...

I'll be honest-I'm hairy, that's right, hairy.. I've got eyebrows that would put Oscar the Grouch in second place.. Add in a fuzzy lip and chin and this is a HUGE problem.. And let's face it, Facial waxing is EXPENSIVE!! It can cost anywhere from $5 to $10 PER SPOT WAXED..

Being unemployed, this was becoming a serious problem for me.. I couldn't afford to get waxed, But I soon figured out a way to remedy that issue.. Waxing my OWN face..

One day while I was browsing in Sally Beauty Supply, I noticed that Wax Warmers only cost around $25 (and some only around $20, depending on how much wax you want them to hold).. Of course there's things you need to buy to go WITH the warmer-wax, muslin strips, applicators- but all in all, that's a good deal considering you could potentially pay $30 for one session of brows, lip, and chin.

The problem that I foresaw was actually getting the brows right.. I didnt want to end up with one brow.. or worse, half a brow on my entire face (the lip and chin wouldnt be tough at all).. I thought about it and thought about it and came up with an idea, then firmly asked for a Wax Warmer and supplies for Cmas.. My mother got them for me :) and even gave them to me early..

My idea was a good one. It's worked out GREAT, so I thought I would pass it along to you here.. Bear in mind, I am not professional waxer. I'm just a girl with big eyebrows who needed a cheaper solution..

Here's my Idea: Depending on how fast your brows grow (mine grow fast), go out and pay for a professional eyebrow waxing.. Make it a good one too because you're going to use it as a guide.. Use the line where the hair is barely starting to grow in as a line for your wax, after all, a Pro did that line and did a good job at it.. use a THIN applicator.. They have different sizes for varying amounts of hair coverage.. the thinnest applicator is best because you can get right there in the line without going past it..

So a week before I got my wax warmer I went out and had my brows done professionally.. When I did my own, I took my THIN applicator and followed the professional line, both above and below my brows.. When you do your own brows, be sure to push the muslin strips down into the wax really well, and rub in the direction that the hair grows (ex: Your right brow grows to the right, so rub the muslin strip with your finger, pushing with some pressure, to the right) and then pull the strip off the other way.. Do one section at a time. It's really easy..

Then once you're done waxing, use the brow brush to brush down your brows. You do this to check and see if there's any stray hairs going all willy nilly.. I always have one or two that do this. All you have to do is pluck the stray hair with tweezers and viola.. I recommend using a wax remover creme to be sure all the wax is gone from the face and to soothe your skin. I've also seen people use baby oil for this, but given that I've got oily skin already, I stick to the creme..

Here's the warmer that I got: The GiGi Space saving wax warmer and It holds a large size wax (I used the honey wax)..

Remember to buy applicators, muslin strips, wax, and some sort of wax remover. All in all it costs around $50 for everything, but considering you can use it TONS of times, as many times as you need to, this is a SUPER deal. It pays for itself in no time.. Two waxing sessions..

OH, and a FYI... If you are just doing your lip or chin, all you need to buy is craft popscicle sticks.. They're not huge, not small, just right for waxing and a heck of a lot cheaper. You can get a really big pack at the Dollar Tree for a buck..

And another FYI, if you buy the really thin applicators for brows, break them in half. They are REALLY long, but one side is all you will need.. This way one stick does two brow waxings.. I'm all about saving money.

If you have any questions or if you like this, PLEASE let me know :) And tell your friends. I'm really wanting some followers lol...

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  1. Nice. Good for. I would love to try this waxing thing too. I heard that waxing pulls from the root of the hair whereas shaving simply cuts the hair. Good luck to me! ;)

  2. Yes Waxing removes the hair from the root so it is slower to grow back. Also shaving can make the hair grow back even thicker.. Good luck! :)