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Friday, December 24, 2010

My Wish List...

My Christmas gifts have been given and received.. I didn't have a lot of money to give things this year, so I only gave to a select few.. I got mostly money for Cmas, but given that I am Unemployed and stuck in the gap between the extention and nothing, I had to use most of it for bills and such.. Now I am stuck lusting for things I can't have... Maybe Ill get one or two for my Bday in January :)

Things I desperately want

1. A 3/4 sleeve sequin jacket, not cropped, but not long either. I have yet to find one of these in my size..

2. Vintage jewelry or jewelry parts. I am getting back into making my own jewelry again and I'm in love with vintage :)

3. Torrid's black lace oxford flats.. I love that Torrid has size 12s.. Big feeted people like me have a hard time finding cute shoes that fit, and these rock..

4. Peacock print crossover smocked dress from The Avenue... Unfortunately this is sold out in my size, but I' hoping to get lucky and find it on Ebay.

5. Some pairs of my favorite brand of jeans, Z. Cavaricci.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their skinny jeans. They fit like a second skin and feel great doing it..

6. Avenue's Studded Mini Wedge boots..

7. Cavaricci Couture Grey Missy wedge boots from Torrid.. They are sold out online, but may still be in the stores..

8. Just about all of the Cavaricci Couture line from Torrid. I love all the pieces, especially the studded back vest.

9. The Via Accenti "Mac" wide calf boots from One Stop Plus.. They're heels, but they're not sky high, and they're sporting the wide calf.

10. The grey crinkled chiffon casual dress from One Stop Plus. It was love at first site with this dress.. I give a lustful sigh everytime I see it.

11. And last, but not least, I want some awesome doilies so I can finally make my Doily Scarf :)

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