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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally got a Haircut!

Well I finally broke down and weighed my fear of having a different stylist cut my hair against being annoyed at my hair. I decided I was more annoyed at the state that my hair was in than I was terrified of a new stylist.. SO, I kept asking around and couldn't get a good answer about stylists.. I kept hearing commercials for Great Clips on the radio talking about how they keep notes about your styles and such, so I decided to go there. I was terrified and I told the stylist this.. I think it made her a bit nervous but more careful. She did a GREAT job AND she told me I have beautiful, shiny hair lol.. I'm a happy hair camper once again..

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  1. Hi Pam,

    My name is Garrett Ebling, and I work in the Communications Department for Great Clips, Inc. in chilly Minneapolis. Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for giving Great Clips a try, and I'm so glad that you received a haircut you are proud of. In case you didn't know, all Great Clips haircuts are guaranteed, so if you ever leave a salon, get home and think "this isn't what I wanted," simply return with your receipt and a stylist will make it to your liking.

    All the best,

    p.s. - check out our fan page on Facebook if you have an account there!