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Monday, January 18, 2010

Auctioning for my Birthday! What Fun!

Since Saturday was my birthday, I got to pick the activities.. My friends and I (including my MIA friend Amber, who I hadnt seen since Halloween) ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and then to an antiques auction here in town that they have once a month. I had never been to an antique auction at all. I had been to a merchandise auction before but not since I was in kindergarten or so.

We took a quick look around before the auction, and I found several things I really wanted. As the auction got underway though I noticed that a couple store owners in town were there and buying a lot, including anything other people showed a major interest in. It got annoying really quickly because they seemed to have an endless money supply-something most of us do not have. I got outbid by them twice on the items I really wanted most, but such is life. I got some really nice things for some good deals though!

I got 3 mirrors (yes, my obsession, 2 chairs, 2 pictures, a lap desk, a magazine rack, a pretty shelf, 2 chandeliers (for $1!!!), and a mish-mash of things on a table (funded by birthday money from my Aunt and my friend Jennifer). AND my friends April and Kevin got me this amazing accent table for my birthday!

I got a really nice birthday haul too.. From Amber I got dinner at Ruby tuesdays, an owl pocket planner (I love owls!), an owl pen and paper set, and one of those cool little gadgets that unfolds and holds your purse into a table (in zebra print). (also late Cmas gifts of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD, complete with Marauders Map, and a Collector's Edition Lord of the Rings Checkers/Tic Tac Toe game..) I got 2 really cool Iron fleur de lis finials and a handmade Coca-Cola cake from Kay. I also got a cool stone trivet with fleur de lis (another obsession) that came from the Shakespere's Tavern in Atlanta from Kevin and April.Add that to the money that supported my auction buys, my accent table, and the Clawfoot antique dining table from my mother and it was an awesome birthday..

My birthdays have this tradition of going notoriously wrong! Disasters, plans gone awry, and much worse.. This was the best birthday I have had in years!!!

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