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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hair Gone Wild.. UGH

I am usually pretty anal about my hair.. I figure that my hair is the one thing I can control about my looks.. I cannot control oily skin or blemishes, but I CAN make my hair shine-and I do! BUT.. and this is a HUGE but.. lately my hair has grown out of control.. It's literally hair gone wild. For some strange reason I cannot reach my stylist and havent been able to in a few months.. She is the only person to cut my hair since 1999 and I am TERRIFIED to let anyone else cut it.. Therefore, crazy hair.. I've got curls going everywhere and I cannot control them at all. It's driving me insane! AND since I just moved to this city not long ago I have no clue where to go for a really good haircut.. Add that in with the fact that I'm terrified of other stylists anyway and it's a recipe for hair disaster.. Here is the evidence..

(Notice the hearts on the door in the pic.. that's our office at work. Kay and I have decorated for Valentine's Day and it's driving the men crazy hehe..)

Pray to our father in Heaven above with me that I find a good stylist in town VERY soon!

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