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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Return to Being Personal...

LOL well, in this blog anyway.. I figured I could use this blog to vent and ramble a little. As most of you know, I got laid off on June 6th. I had been working at the same job for 10.5 years. The sad thing was that I wasnt upset about it other than missing the money and benefits. I despise Mohawk and all that it does to its employees. A stray dog gets treated better. Anyway, Now I am on Unemplyment and dying of boredom. Basically I have enough money for bills and food. well, a little for food.. My friends and family have been awesome. I may have about $20 a month to spend on me.. And thats if I get no gas LOL.. So it's sucking right now. I hav about 100 resumes in though, so I hope something good comes along soon.

Since I've been laid off I've done a TON of craft and decorating projects that I had left undone.. There's still more to do, but I'm getting there! My friend Kay has been coming over and helping me with a lot of them.. I've also started tutoring Kay this week. I'm tutoring her in Criminal Law. I had that class and aced it, so I'm helping her right now with her class. Her professor sucks, though. She doesn't even make up her own exams. She uses the ones from the book. How lame and lazy is that? But I am enjoying it so far. I like to teach people things. and I am good at it. I was always the trainer at work too..

Anyway, tomorrow I go for this Orientation at the Department of Labor for an on the job training program. I'm hoping that I can get my foot in the door somewhere with that program and go from there. Basically you work and still draw your unemployment. You get a small amount more. And after 6 weeks they decide if they want to hire you. If they do, you decide if you want to take the job or not. If you don't want to then you still get to draw your unemployment benefits.It sounds like a good program to me.

Well I guess Id better stop rambling and get to bed so I can MAKE it to the program in the morning lol.. Wish me luck that I get on with a good company!

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  1. You live in the same town as my parents! :) I went to high school there for one year...1988-1989 (my senior year)! Just saying hi to a fellow Georgian AND blogger :)