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Monday, December 14, 2009

I Took Some Pics of the House Inside!!~

I finally went in today and took some pics of the house inside.. I have been running around like a crazy woman all weekend! My body is aching from my head to my toes and it's only going to get worse, BUT it's all worth the pain. I have a list ten miles long of things I want to do in the house already! My friend April pointed out that I may want to wait until Spring to paint though.. That way I can open all the windows and let the house air out so the smell doesn't make everyone sick! I think that's a good idea, and I can wait that long... There's plenty to do until then :) Kevin and April came up and helped me put blinds up on all the windos on Sunday.. Kayla helped me get a start on the packing.. I am just scratching the surface right now, and I have until the end of this week to get it all done. Oh, and I also have to work my regular schedule this week. Anyway, here's the pics!!!!!~

Here's the livingroom.. I love the fireplace and the built-ins.

THIS is the bane of my existence at this point. I despise a ceiling fan in the livingroom.. Plus this one doesnt even have a light.. Must replace it ASAP..

This arch is between the livingroom and diningroom..

The ugly chandelier in my diningroom..It will be gone soon too lol..

This is the huge mirror I bought about a month ago. It looks great on the diningroom wall. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

Here is the kitchen.. It needs quite a bit of work. But I will come up with something cool :)

Here's the ugly brass light in the breakfast nook of the kitchen.. The glass globes are pretty but that brass has to go!~

And here's the breakfast nook itself. I LOVE the arch!~

Here's a really cool architectural detail in the bedroom..

Here's the second fireplace in what will soon be my craft room!~

And last, but not least, is the bathroom. The bathroom itself is really quite big and has lots of storage. It just needs a new light and some trim around that mirror. With a few tweaks it could be great.

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