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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Gifting This Year...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving presents :) (and getting them lol hey, who doesn't?) so this year I thought I would make a lot more of them. My friends and family seem to like getting handmade gifts and I love making them.. So I have been going through all kinds of things trying to figure out the perfect gifts for people, and so far I've come up with some good ones thanks to a few great blogs on here.. Now all that's left is rounding up all the parts and making the gifts... It seems that rounding up the parts is the hardest part!! But after all that is done I will get the fun of making them and the joy of giving them. My favorite part of giving a gift is seeing a person's face when they open it or see it for the first time... So I can't wait for it this year.. I will post pics!!!

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